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SLP using the Orton-Gillingham approach to bring literacy and language to ALL students

My passion is creating engaging, versatile, and effective educational materials that keep students motivated and save teachers time! I also love exploring new ways to creatively target phonological awareness and phonics concepts.

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Looking for an engaging way to target phoneme manipulations with your students WHILE building vocabulary knowledge? This phoneme manipulation task card bundle includes 142 total task cards for initial, final, medial, and mixed phoneme manipulations (substitutions, deletions, additions). To use, teachers provide a prompt (e.g., Say “seat.” Change /t/ to /d/).” Students complete the manipulation (“seed!”) and find the matching picture.
“I Spy” phonics coloring pages are a must-have to reinforce specific phonics skills in an engaging, motivating way. Sets in the bundle are organized by phonemes and syllable types. Within each set you’ll find two variations of worksheets that address decoding and vocabulary knowledge at the same time. Fully aligned with the Orton-Gillingham approach and the Science of Reading, use the I Spy pages to teach, reinforce, or review your target phonics concepts.
Matching sentences to pictures through game activities is a simple, yet effective, way of getting students to read controlled-text, decodable sentences over and over without even realizing it’s reading practice! This CVC word matching game is just what you need to add some fun to your phonics lessons while building reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension in your students. You can also find it within a growing bundle that covers a variety of phonics skills.

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As an SLP working in the elementary school setting, year after year I found dozens of students on my caseload who simply could not read. After discovering the Orton-Gillingham approach, I began incorporating its methodology into my speech-language lessons, tutoring sessions, and whole class, push-in literacy blocks. OG, combined with targeted phonological awareness practice, produced incredible results! To meet my students’ needs directly, I began creating resources that combine literacy and language-based skills and sharing them with other educators through my TpT shop.

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